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The American flag is a treasured symbol of the USA, and there are rules for handling, displaying and disposing of flags. The United States Code says the flag should only be flown upside down to signal "dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.


The Great Dumbing Down of Humanity and the Depopulation Agenda...

Published on Feb 9, 2014
This is an edited collection of creative commons videos. My thanks and recognition of all attributes which have made the making of this documentary possible....

The term dumbing down describes the deliberate diminishment of the intellectual level of the content of schooling and education, of literature and cinema, and of news and culture. The idea of and the term dumbing down originated in 1933 as slang, used by motion picture screenplay writers, to mean: "revise so as to appeal to those of little education or intelligence."

Nothing more need be said! The above description says it all, and the dumbing down of society is an ongoing process. It had been implemented many years ago! What is encouraging today is that many people are beginning to see through the façade - they are waking up, yet, disconcertingly, many more people accept the "created reality" surrounding them. The aim of this documentary is to at least open a few eyes as to what is REALLY occurring - what we have no need to blindly suffer anymore. Technology has been and is being employed to further the Dumbing Down process, and, unless we make a stand to stop this, the dumbing down process will continue...

All I ask is that you at least find the time to watch the above video - then come to your own conclusions. Thank you...

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Dumbed Down American College Kids, if this doesn't scare you, you must be as thick as these kids or just an idiot, simple. If these student couldn't answer questions about another country then I'd give them the benefit of doubt but as all these questions are about America its not acceptable at all. This just proves what Charlotte Iserbyt has been saying for years.and wrote her book about, look it up:- Deliberate Dumbing Down (Of America's Educational System)

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